Yantai Shield Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. 
No.98 Huangshan Road, Yantai Economic & Technological Development Area of Yantai City, Shandong Province, P.R.China
Tel:0086-535-6934886( phosphor products)
       0086-535-3020827 (for sputtering target products)
Headquarter in Yantai City: 0086-535-3975011  Ms. Mao
Shenzhen Office: 13316915750  Mr. Luan
Zhongshan Office: 13928190862 Ms. Xie
Ningbo Office: 13356940517 Mr.Zhu
Phosphor products Technical service: 18954551961 Mr.Jiang 
Sputtering Target Products: 15763839294  Mr.Hou
Company Profile



Established in Dec 2005 with a registered capital 9 million USDs, Yantai Shield Advanced Materials Co.Ltd.(hereafter referred to as “SHIELD”), is a unique high-tech enterprise in similar size companies in Shandong Province for its high-level talents. SHIELD has currently taken a total area of 38000 m2, including an area of 11000 m2 for research center and workshop.A third-phase research center, taking an area of 3000 m2, has been in progress as a result of the rapid growth of SHIELD.

SHIELD has been engaged in the development of its independent technical competence for 10 years and has currently established an innovative, multi-disciplinary research team and a firm connection with top universities & institutions in China, which enable the company to achieve remarkable progress in technology. For instance, SHIELD has undertaken several research projects on different levels in China in recent years: state level (4 Pcs), provincial level (3 Pcs), city level (5 Pcs) and district level (6 Pcs). As a result of these research achievement, SHIELD has been granted 5 Pcs of national patents, and has developed 2 Pcs of enterprise technical standard.

In recent years, SHIELD has received several titles from China Authorities, such as “Advanced Overseas-returning Start-up Entity” by Yantai Municipal Government, “Top 100 Promising Overseas-returning Start-up Enterprise” in a prominent national start-up competition named “Chun Hui”, “Excellent innovation team”, etc. SHIELD has also been approved to be “City Level Luminous Materials Engineering and Research Center of Yantai”, “Post-doctoral Research Station in China”,“Unique enterprise, unique technology” of Yantai city, city level “Advanced Enterprise in Introducing Talents” and provincial level “Unique enterprise, unique technology” .


SHIELD has been authorized by ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and SGS environmental management system, which enhances SHIELD’s advantage in quality control system. We own over 30 Pcs of testing instruments specialized for all varieties of luminous materials and also over 100 Pcs of research and manufacturing equipment. Our competence in equipment and instruments enables us to be a competitive force in photoelectron materials industry in which we has currently grown up to the TOP 3 LED phosphor manufacturer in global market.

We at SHIELD aim to establish a global luminous materials enterprise and create a world-wide Chinese brand, for which we will always act as a competitive role in market adhering to our faith of “Honesty, High and Customer First”. We are always committed to creating more value for our clients with our advanced materials&solutions, applications and light a bright future for the community in which we operate along with all our stakeholders.


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