Yantai Shield Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. 
No.98 Huangshan Road, Yantai Economic & Technological Development Area of Yantai City, Shandong Province, P.R.China
Tel:0086-535-6934886( phosphor products)
       0086-535-3020827 (for sputtering target products)
Headquarter in Yantai City: 0086-535-3975011  Ms. Mao
Shenzhen Office: 13316915750  Mr. Luan
Zhongshan Office: 13928190862 Ms. Xie
Ningbo Office: 13356940517 Mr.Zhu
Phosphor products Technical service: 18954551961 Mr.Jiang 
Sputtering Target Products: 15763839294  Mr.Hou
High End Talents Recruitment


(Could appropriate to relax recruitment conditions)

ag亚游集团 If you are a qualified professional in engineering or developing talent, especially after retirement but still in good health to work for a long time, and also hope to make a satisfactory income. Then you can consider coming to Yantai of Shandong which is beautiful seaside city in China.

ag亚游集团 We need professional R﹠D and manufacturing engineers, or Doctors like below:

ag亚游集团 1. Sputtering Target

ag亚游集团 2. LED phosphor

ag亚游集团 3. Sapphire crystal

4. Silver paste

5. Laser crystal

If you meet the above condition, please feel free to contact with us.

ag亚游集团 Tel: (086) 0535-6934886

Fax: (086) 0535-6388535

ag亚游集团 Http: www.aresdelmaestre.com

Email: xyyimi@126.com

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